Women’s Dive Day – Interviews with Leading Women in Diving – Regina Rinkenburger

padi-womens-scuba-dive-day-2015-1024x316PADI is proud to present the inaugural PADI Women’s Dive Day on 18 July 2015, a special day to get women together, in the water and involved in diving. With numerous events being hosted around the world, the goal is to get as many women as possible, at every level, diving on the same day in order to build awareness and interest for the sport. PADI Regional Manager Jonas Samuelsson decided to interview leading women in the dive industry during the month leading up to the Women’s Dive Day. Just a few days prior to the Women’s Dive Day we publish an interview with diving legend Regina Rinkenburger, PADI Course Director and Operational Manager Dive-Point Red Sea.

11749990_10204526006375692_1858107407_oWhen and how did you start diving?

I did my first dive in 2007 in the Red Sea with a PADI DSD. After this experience I decided to do my Open Water Diver at home in Germany in the Lake of Constance. I came back to Egypt and my life changed completely as diving became an important part of my life.

Current position in diving?

I am a PADI Course Director and Operation Manager in Dive Point Red Sea, Hurghada, Egypt

What you find the most exciting about diving?

I enjoy every single dive… with students or just for fun. I like to be one with the amazing underwater world and I am happy that I have the possibility to do this every day.

11741833_10204525972734851_65913200_nFavorite part of working in diving?

Hard to say, there are so many. I enjoy a lot to bring people first time underwater and show them the marine life and share my passion with them. I get rewarded when I see how happy they came back from their first dive. But I also like a lot to teach IDC Candidates to teach diving which is on a different level. In both I try to give all my passion to my student, doesn’t matter which level. I like so much to bring the underwater environmental too he people and give them the possibility to see for what they have to take care of.

11749443_10204525972694850_1504890818_nAny dream dive you aspire to?

I am still looking forward to do cave diving in Mexico. And one of the positive things I took from my CDTC in 2013 was the great opportunity of the worldwide connection with new friends … also in Mexico…

What would the next course in diving be?

As I have reached the highest level in PADI I will concentrate on the Rebreather Diving with different Rebreathers.

Attributes that makes you more successful in diving?

11748193_10204526069177262_1977129025_oI think one attribute is for sure that I am very patiently with all people underwater … that I always remember that all of us start diving somehow somewhere some when. I never stop learning also from other people and try always new things. For me success means that you always go forward and don’t stop to keep your eyes open. Best moment in diving? There was a lot in my diving life, but I still remember my first breath underwater which definitely change my life. To feel the different world and be part of the underworld.

11739501_10204526069297265_658266065_nWhat is the next step in your career?

My next step will be the Rebreather Courses and following to become an Instructor for it to give than also the silence of diving to the divers

Thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to answer a few questions to divers and non-divers out there interested in a career in diving. 

Anytime. For me working in the diving industry has given me so much. If i can mentor someone to reach same happiness as me then its all been worth it. Please contact me on facebook or our website and i will be happy to share more of my experiences working in the most amazing industry on this planet!