New and Upgraded PADI Businesses – September 2015

New PADI Businesses

This August, PADI has welcomed 11 new centres as members of the PADI Retailer and Resort Associations, and processed 6 membership upgrades for businesses achieving new awards or committing 100% to PADI as Five Star or Instructor Development centres.

New PADI Businesses

  • Buceonaturas, S-25003, Spain
  • 4 Divers, S-25035, Netherlands
  • Piraeuscuba Diving, S-25028, Greece
  • Euro-Divers Utopia Beach, S-25041, Maldives
  • Shop4Divers, S-24994, Poland
  • S/Y Amazing Grace, S-25062, Seychelles
  • Diving Dragonera, S-25042, Spain
  • Dorset Diving Services, S-25061, England
  • Bateel Diver, S-25036, Saudi Arabia
  • Atmosphere Aqua Club Helengeli, S-25045, Maldives
  • Learn to Dive Today, S-25060, South Africa

Upgraded Businesses

  • Gran Canaria Divers, S-22677, Canary Islands
  • Diving Academy By Mandel Diving Center, S-23609, Italy
  • Adventure Diving Malta, S-24264, Malta
  • Dive&Drive, S-22134, Russia
  • Arab Diver, S-22719, Saudi Arabia

Awards Received

  • Island Divers, S-23318, Maldives – Green Star Award

Welcome and congratulations to all of the above PADI businesses! For the latest list of new and upgrading members click the ‘New PADI Retailer and Resort Members‘ link.

PADI EMEA Regional Manager Vacancy – UK

PADI EMEA has a vacancy for a Regional Manager to service our Retail and Resort Members in the UK.

The purpose of this role is to be a Business Advisor to PADI members in the assigned region and acting as a key representative of PADI in the field. The role involves delivering a high level of consulting service and support to our RRA Members, assisting Dive Centres to implement the PADI Strategies and exceeding prescribed sales goals.

We are looking for PADI Course Directors with extensive dive store experience, sales background and who have a deep knowledge of the PADI Education philosophy as well as market tendencies. Language requirements are fluent English as essential and any additional European languages could be an advantage.

To apply for the Regional Manager position please send your CV by email to [email protected] and [email protected]

Closing date for applications: Thursday 8th October 2015.

New and Upgraded PADI Businesses – August 2015

New PADI Businesses

This August, PADI has welcomed 11 new centres as members of the PADI Retailer and Resort Associations, and processed 3 membership upgrades for businesses achieving new awards or committing 100% to PADI as Five Star or Instructor Development centres.

New PADI Businesses

  • Scuba Place, s24992, England
  • Ras Musandam Diver, s24996, Oman
  • Cipreia LDA – Sesimbra, s24439, Portugal
  • Cipreia LDA – Lisboa Alfragide, s24438, Portugal
  • Cipreia LDA – Algarve Lagos, s24707, Portugal
  • Skegness Aquarium, s24997, England
  • DiscoveryDivers Veenendaal, s25005, Netherlands
  • Cool Divers, s25008, Egypt
  • AegeanSeals Diving Center, s25009, Greece
  • Alphonse Island Lodge Ltd, s25007, Seychelles
  • Gold Stars Diving Center, s24819, Egypt

Upgraded PADI Businesses

  • SeaOman Dive Academy Mussanah, s23348, Oman
  • Island Divers, s23318, Maldives

Awards Achieved

  • 4Sub, s23406, Italy (TecRec)

Welcome and congratulations to all new and upgraded PADI businesses! For the latest list of new and upgrading members click the ‘New PADI Retailer and Resort Members‘ link.

New and Upgraded PADI Businesses – April 2015

New PADI Businesses

So far this year in just the Europe, Middle East and Africa region, PADI has welcomed 100 new centres as members of the PADI Retailer and Resort Associations, and processed 62 membership upgrades for businesses committing 100% to PADI as Five Star or Instructor Development centres.

Last month alone, an impressive 22 new members were welcomed, and 13 upgrades processed. Welcome and congratulations to all new and upgraded PADI businesses!

For the latest list of new and upgrading members click the ‘New PADI Retailer and Resort Members‘ link.

Deptherapy diaries

“PADI is committed to making scuba diving accessible to people with disabilities who can meet the standards required for each level of training.  We have been a long time supporter of Deptherapy and Deptherapy that seeks to rehabilitate UK and US Armed Service personnel who have suffered life changing mental and or physical challenges. The next 10 days we will be running a BLOG about four seriously injured British troops who we are supporting as they start their scuba diving adventure.

20th March 2015

Arriving with Monarch airlines Deptherapy arrived to start with their course. All the filming was done by Jeff Godman from Scubaverse, so an excited team was ready to go diving the next day.

21st March 2015

A terrific day and the team bonded right away.  Some “rabbit in headlights” looks when first under water but some amazing efforts throughout the day and massive smiles at the end of the day.
We`ve also had 6 instructors for the pros course who have had busy day under Richard Cullens tuition and tomorrow will get in the water with the guys to help with open water dives and get some ” hands on ” experience. The staff continue to be amazing hosts.

training, PADI, fun, travel, disabled first section 3 first section 4 first section 5

22nd March 2015

Second and final day of pros course and confined water dives for lads. The veterans just cracked on and completed their confined water skills ready for open water as seas to rough for afternoon of diving .
The pros course finished off their classroom work and then got hands on with the injured guys and also working in their groups as blind divers.

23rd March 2015

So first day in open water it was a fun but hard day. We got out
though a very tough start with current and waves but the lads got though it and
loved their first open water dives . When they got their attention off the new
and wonderful, they aced their skills, so first three dives done and then tomorrow
the final dive to complete the PADI Open Water.Deptherapy and PADI 1st day diving

Warren trying to nip off with the bikeLets Go, diving in action

24th March 2015

So Luke Simpson and Warren Richardson are newly qualified Open Water Divers and was a real pleasure to take them though course and see change in them all because of diving . Scott Brown was unable to dive today due to issues with his ears. We then cracked on with Advance course and guys are having a great time diving and gaining experience lots of wildlife to be seen on Roots house reef .

Deptherapthy making a differenceDeptherapy Open Water CourseDeptherapy Guys having fun

25th March 2015

So today Luke and Warren completed their AOW course with three great dives in perfect conditions . The first was a deep dive with the guys first Clown fish experience on a perfect pinnacle covered in life. Then they each had a different dive with Fish I.D and SMB all completed flawlessly just showing they had mastered their buoyancy skills. The final one was Navigation where they proved their former military skills and made it look simple . I think that’s why the guys picked up all the skills so easily as our time in the Army is all about Skills and drills.

Scott was well enough today to get back in water to complete final OW dive and start with AOW which he did with ease and made a great start with AOW.

Pool training PADI Open Water photo 2 photo 2b photo 3 photo 4 Pool training Deptherapy and PADI photo 5 photo 5b


26th March 2015

So for Luke and Warren today it was in to the water as a newly qualified AOW divers and solid buddy pair they went exploring and loved it on Roots Camp House reef, Their air consumption getting better every dive to the point that Luke finished with an hour long dive. This of course no easy task when having to use your hands for propulsion . Scott got into the water for his final 3 AOW dives and he nailed them even with showing his young enthusiasm by being caught up in all the wildlife to had . It was a great week for the Pros course and the guys on course too but also myself as this is all why i wanted to be come an instructor and teach other veterans like myself as the transformation in guys just from meeting at Airport to end of week was amazing and i said to Luke just before we descended on first OW dive your about to have a new world open to you .

Congratulations PADI Open Water and Advanced DiversCongratulations PADI Open WaterCongratulations

Show Your Support – AWARE Certification Cards & Poster

PA certification cardsShow your support by encouraging your student divers to make a donation to Project AWARE whenever they take a PADI diving course.

Display this poster in your facility and have your divers choose the limited edition Project AWARE version of the PADI Certification Card. 100 percent of their donation will go towards protecting our ocean planet.

Better yet, become a 100% AWARE partner to ensure all your certifications support ocean protection through Project AWARE.

Certification cards poster 2015

PIC Online Worksheet and Project AWARE Donations

The PIC Online Worksheet (519DT) is a form designed to help dive centres and instructors collect the information needed to complete the PIC online process when certifying students. As with paper PICs, student divers have the opportunity to support Project AWARE with a donation. However processing Project AWARE donations through PIC Online is not as straight forward as with paper PICs.

PIC Online Worksheet

What is the PIC Online Worksheet and how should it be used?

The PIC Online Worksheet includes 2 sections: Part 1 is where all the information about the certification itself is entered and Part 2 is where your student personal details are captured. The form also includes a Project AWARE section where payment details can be added to support ocean conservation by choosing the AWARE limited edition version of your student certification card. Unlike the paper PIC and Project AWARE insert, the PIC Online Worksheet does not need to be returned to PADI. The worksheet is a tool for you to use to collect student information that need to be entered online as part of the PIC Online process. However, like with any forms used to collect personal data including payment details, it is important to follow best practices in how this data is handled. In practice, it means that if you use the PIC Online worksheet, it’s important to:

  • Be transparent with your students about how you intend to use their data;
  • Keep the data safe and secure at all times;
  • Ensure that the information on the form is securely discarded;

Why is the CVV number field missing?

Even though the PIC Online Worksheet is a tool for you to help you collect all the information needed to process your student certifications online, some information such as the CVV (Card Verification Value) must be collected separately from the rest of the card details due to PCI regulations. We understand this adds to the administrative burden of collecting Project AWARE donations when processing certification cards online. We know some dive centres and instructors are collecting the Project AWARE donation from their students by cash and use the stores or their personal credit card details to process the donation via the PIC Online Process. We understand that this may not be a suitable option for all instructors or dive centres.

How do I make it easy for my students to support Project AWARE?

With more and more PICs now being processed online, less certification cards are being processed with Project AWARE donations. Yet, the threats facing our oceans continue to grow. With these issues in mind, Project AWARE launched 100% AWARE – A Partner Giving Programme exclusively for PADI Members. 100% AWARE means that you can:

  • Streamline PIC Online Process – give all of your students the AWARE certification card, in one easy step. All your students receive a Project AWARE card and you no longer need to process your students’ credit card details through the PIC online process.
  • Effortlessly support ocean protection with every certification.
  • Create loyal customers who appreciate and value your commitment to conservation.
  • Partner with Project AWARE to protect the underwater world your business relies on.
  • Gain positive exposure to a movement of millions of scuba divers worldwide.

2014 Project AWARE certification card

Project AWARE relies on financial support from environmentally concerned divers to achieve its mission and work towards a return to a clean healthy ocean for us today and future generations of divers. Donations through the PADI’s certification process is critical to secure funds to support Project AWARE’s ongoing battle to protect vulnerable shark and ray species and protect marine life from the onslaught of marine debris.

Make it easy for your students to support ocean conservation and make it easy for you to show your commitment to Project AWARE. Become a 100% AWARE partner today! Go to: to download an application form.

For more information about the PIC Online Worksheet, contact Customer Services or visit the Online Processing Center in the PADI Pros’ Site to download the Step by Step Guide to PIC Online processing.

Renew Your Support for the Ocean!

2015 PADI Member RenewalThe PADI Member Renewal season is here! Our ocean needs your renewed support and you can help protect the ocean you love with a donation to Project AWARE.

When you make a donation of £15, €15, 20CHF or more with your PADI Member Renewal you’ll receive a limited edition Project AWARE eco mask strap as a special thank you. There’s 4 Easy Ways to Donate:

  1. Setting up Automatic Renewal for the first time? You canadd your donation amount online on the PADI Auto Renewals page.
  2. If your Auto Renewal is already set up simply email your PADI Team to add the donation for you.
  3. Choose the donate option when you complete your renewal online.
  4. Complete the PADI Member Renewal 2015 Form which will be mailed directly to you.

Together, with each victory, we’re giving the ocean a voice and placing marine species on the global agenda. Your donation will help protect vulnerable sharks and rays from the biggest threat they face today – overexploitation.

With your support, Project AWARE can take every opportunity to ensure that sharks and rays will not disappear on our watch.

Ask your PADI Team to add the donation for you: [email protected]

Project AWARE is an award winning non-profit that truly appreciates your support with a commitment to efficiently using your funds for maximum marine conservation impact with innovative global programs.

PADI at Eurotek 2014

PADI at 2014 Eurotek

Eurotek 2014 is ready to kick off at the ICC, Birmingham, England, where international technical diving exhibitors and experts have come together for a weekend of seminars, sharing their knowledge and expertise.  PADI EMEA’s Director, Rebreather Technologies, Technical Diving Division, Vikki Batten, is joined by PADI Regional Manager, and TecRec IT, Jonas Samuelsson for this two day event. Vikki will be talking about the aftermath of diving incidents and both will be available on the PADI TecRec stand to answer questions about the ever growing, cutting edge, PADI suite of technical courses.

ScubaEarth Spotlight: Build Your Gear Locker

As an online scuba community, ScubaEarth isn’t just a place to find information, it’s also a place for divers to make new connections. Those new connections are YOU! With over 50,000 users you want to make sure that divers have access to the most up to date information regarding your dive business. Your ScubaEarth gear locker is a feature that you can often overlook, but it’s a feature that definitely shouldn’t be forgotten.

A well-stocked gear locker means that any new divers looking for a PADI dive shop to try a DSD experience with, learn to dive, or do their advanced course, will easily be able to tell the brands you stock. As a potential customer, brand awareness automatically brings greater integrity to any decision about who to dive with. So keep on top of your gear locker by adding all the manufacturers you stock. If they’re not in the list, let us know who they are and we’ll add them.

Need assistance setting up your Stores Gear Locker? View the How to video below:

Don’t forget about your PADI Instructors & Divemasters Gear Lockers!

PADI Instructors and Divemasters are the first port of call for all new divers. When seeking advice on what they should purchase, it matters to them what their Instructor uses. If your instructors maintain their gear locker a student not only sees what brand of BCD, regulator, mask etc. they own, but even what model and type!

Log into ScubaEarth and start updating your gear locker today!