Nemo’s Garden

558920_10151537954770660_262920499_nAccording to many scientist our food supply might be one of the largest challenges in the future. Our planet consist of 70% water. What if you could utilize some of that space to grow plants in a responsible, small-footprint way underwater? Designed responsibly this could perhaps be an alternative solution to our destructive agriculture taken place on land.



The project started three years ago when Sergio Gamberini, owner of OceanReef Group, had an idea to utilize the properties of large bodies of water with constant temperature, united with the natural evaporation of a surface of liquid in contact with an air space – to try creating an underwater greenhouse.

935417_490073787726877_2012357682_nI was lucky to be part of a team working on the configuration of the OceanReef T-Diver Integrated Diving Mask, a technical full face mask with communication systems. During that time i meet with the designers of Nemo’s Garden, who was working in the same facilities, south of Genoa, Italy. I had a chance to dive the area where the biosphere’s are installed and was able to see the growth of the plants inside the sphere.

 Is this the future of a more responsible agriculture?