Plan the Dive – Dive the Plan with the PADI Skill Practice and Planning Slate

We all know the saying plan the dive, dive the plan. But what does this mean in reality and how can the PADI Skill Practice and Planning Slate help you introduce this vital habit to your student?

Planning the dive includes having the proper training, experience and equipment.

The training starts with the PADI Open Water Diver course. Using the PADI Skill Practice and Planning Slate enables you to assess not only if the student can perform the skill but also if they feel comfortable with it. It also teaches the student self-evaluation and makes them aware of the diving skills and activities they are about to engage in.

During the open water sections of the PADI Open Water Diver course, real-life dive planning is introduced. The Dive Team Check List on the PADI Skill Practice and Planning Slate is a great tool to assist you and your students in this process.

Start with the dive plan and make sure everyone in the group agrees to it, and is prepared for the planned dive. Evaluate the conditions, and check the dive is within your students training and experience. Research the dive site and what can be expected underwater – what potential risk and hazards might there be, as well as entry and exit points. Before the dive, complete safety checks: what to do in case of separation, hand signals, emergency procedures, buddy check (BWRAF), and make a depth, time and pressure plan.

Your students do this under your supervision, but they might find it helpful to have a checklist for themselves, and this will promote self-evaluation on future training and recreational dives they complete.

Students are not required to own a PADI Skill Practice and Planning slate, but make sure you’re ready to sell the product to those who’d like to have one. Not only will this mean extra sales for your business, but it will help them develop and maintain a vital habit. The better prepared they are, the more enjoyable a dive will be. Plan the dive – dive the plan!

60258_lPADI Skill Practice and Planning Slate – Product Codes and Pricing

  • Single slate – 60258 – £5.50/€6.53
  • Pack of 4 – 60261 – £21.00/€24.95
  • Pack of 8 – 60262 – £42.00/€49.90

The price is the same for all member levels.

Place your orders for branded merchandise 24/7, 365 days a year by using the PADI e-Shop via the PADI Pros’ Site, or contact your local Sales Consultant at [email protected] or +44 (0) 117 3007234 during business hours.

PADI App Feature: Checklists

IMG_1155Planning a dive trip – whether it’s a short weekend for new Open Water Diver trainees, or a long vacation for regular customers – involves plenty of planning and preparation to make sure things run smoothly and to ensure a professional operation.

To help you get things organised beforehand, the PADI App has four handy checklists integrated within the Tools section which you can use to make sure you’ve got everything that’s needed, prepared and packed before you go, leaving more time to focus on students or enjoy the underwater view and less time trying to buy and borrow forgotten items and being teased by your students and fellow dive crew!

Just visit the “Tools” section and then “Checklists” – you will have four lists to choose from:

  • Dive Day – for the majority of regular short-term dive trips and local dive days
  • Dive Vacation – if you’re planning an expedition or trip abroad
  • Save-a-Dive Kit – tips on putting together the ultimate spares and repairs kit
  • First Aid Kit – essential items to assist with medical needs

IMG_1721The completely revamped PADI App is now available in multiple languages on Apple iOS and Android-based devices. Visit the App Store or Google Play Store to download it today!