Dive Against Debris: 100% AWARE Partner in Jeddah Takes Action

Alaa Al Masri 5 16.10.15On 16th October 2015, Alaa Al Masri, Project AWARE 100% AWARE Partner, joined by more than 30 dive volunteers, completed a Dive Against Debris survey in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The team removed 500 kg of trash #BeneathTheWaves and reported their underwater data to add to Project AWARE’s global effort to show the true extent of the marine debris crisis. The team of committed Dive Against Debris volunteers also conducted a beach club at Shams Resort to engage the local community and further raise awareness. On the very same day, Alaa Al Masri took on another challenge: raising funds for his favorite charity by taking part in a Finathon and setting up his own My Ocean Challenge raising over $500 to protect sharks and the ocean. Check out Alaa My Ocean blog post and gallery to see all the photos from these wonderful actions.

Visit projectaware.org to find out how you can join the 100% AWARE partnership and conduct regular Dive Against Debris surveys.

Show your Dedication to Ocean Protection – Become a 100% AWARE Partner

100% AWARE - BalkySub SpainAre you an instructor or dive center who takes ocean protection to heart? We all want to keep our undersea world clean and healthy – not just for ourselves, but for the dive community, now and for future generations to come. If conservation is important to you and your business, consider becoming 100% AWARE.

Across the globe, PADI instructors and dive centers are committing to ocean protection through 100% AWARE partnerships. 100% AWARE partners support a healthy and abundant ocean by making a donation to Project AWARE on behalf of each student that they certify through PADI PIC Online.* 100% AWARE partners’ ongoing contributions make a difference by providing vital funds to support Project AWARE’s two core areas of focus: marine debris prevention and shark and ray protection.

2015 Project AWARE card choicesBest of all students certified through a 100% AWARE partner will receive the Project AWARE version of their PADI certification card, so that they can proudly display their support and remember their positive experience with you! Divers value practices that protect the ocean and want to dive with instructors and dive centers that share their values – show them that you care!

Ready to get started? Follow these easy steps to become a 100% AWARE Partner:

1) Get started by submitting your 100% AWARE partner agreement. Individual instructors and dive centers may apply. You have the option to donate $10 per certification card, or a flat donation of $250 per month.
2) Log into POL using the PADI member number on your 100% AWARE agreement and select your choice of preferred certification card.
3) That’s it! All your certifications will be automatically issued as AWARE cards without making a donation to process.

It’s easy to get started! Effortlessly support ocean protection with every certification – the benefits are endless! If you need any help along the way, Project AWARE is here to help. Simply contact the Project AWARE Team or click here to learn more.

*With the exception of EFR, Seal Team and Tec Rec.