New Course Director in Egypt – Elena Dontsova


<<Everything had begun twelve years ago, after my first DSD when I came out of water and said I would be a dive instructor. And I’d done it. Year by year as more people became divers after my courses with them I understood that diving wasn’t only a pleasure or a job for me. No, it was and it is now my passion, the sense of my life, the air I breathe. My goal is to give people joy and happiness and diving helps me to do it in a perfect way. I grew up till a Course Director now, last three years I was working and did my best for it. This goal is done and I feel satisfied, but! There is another goal I have to reach in the future – to become the first Russian Examiner. Our way to success will never end, there is always something undone, something worth our efforts, just never stop and keep the mind open and everything will be possible>>.

Congratulations to Elena for successfully completing his CDTC