Egypt at Dive2016 – Birmingham

The Birmingham Dive Show has taken place every year since 1991. DIVE attracts hundreds of exhibitors offering the latest diving holidays, training courses, and dive gear – on display and to buy – and is visited by thousands of experienced and aspiring divers from the UK, Europe and beyond. This year it was held from Saturday 22nd October – Sunday 23rd October.

For the 2016 edition, PADI’s management has decided to have some extra support from Regional Manager – Teo Brambilla (responsible for Egypt)!

bThe idea was not only to offer support to those PADI stores  – based in Egypt – exhibiting, but also to promote Egypt and help certified divers and future divers with practical tips on how to travel to Egypt, how to move around, answer generic questions  and overcome concerns about security in the country.

There were 5 – Egyptian based – PADI stores (both Resorts and Boat operators) exhibiting at Dive 2016 and they were all ‘equipped’ with the “PADI Show support pack”: a marketing kit, which included PADI sunglasses, bracelets, Course Promotional Vouchers, Posters, PADI Bunting and a PADI beach flag!

Blue O Two

aCamel Dive Club

dDivers United (Elite Diving)

eEmperor Divers and Scuba Schools

emperorPharaoh Dive Club

c…here during a special visit: DEPTHERAPY’s friends …and Egypt’s supporters!

[For the past few years, Pharaoh Dive Club have been a very active supporter of the amazing work of the charity by hosting Deptherapy’s training]

During the show, Regional Manager – Teo Brambilla took also the opportunity to award two diving icons who highly contributed to the growth of the diving industry in Egypt:

awardSteve Rattle and Guy Haywood received a special awards for their 25yrs as PADI Members!


Overall, DIVE 2016 was a well-attended and largely successful show …and even more important, the general feedback from participating Egyptian based Members was positive for the whole region!