RM Teo Brambilla meets Charlie Holt: one of the youngest PADI Members!

In July, during a visit to Red Sea Relax diving center in Dahab, I had the pleasure to meet a special person who had just completed his Divemaster Course: Charlie Holt.

28. Charlie-Holt

Charlie is among some of the youngest PADI Divemaster and he is now attending his Instructor Development Course: this, inshallah (as we say in Egypt), will make him one of the youngest PADI Instructors in the diving industry!

… I was having a meeting with Chris (General Manager and co-founder of Red Sea Relax), when he suddenly told me “Teo, would you like to meet a fanatical diver who was introduced to diving through PADI aged 10 years/2 months ….and then looking forward a whole 8 years to become a PADI PRO?”

My answer was, of course …YES !

I spent some time chatting with Charlie and his passion was so inspiring to me that I had to ask him straight away if he was ready to be interviewed by his PADI Regional Manager.

Before the interview, some facts:

  • Name: Charlie D Holt
  • From: Newport Pagnell, UK
  • Date of Birth: 16 July 1997
  • Working/Training: Red Sea Relax (S-32391)
  • Qualified Junior Open Water: 29 September 2007 (Aged 10)
  •  Dived to 30 Meters at Canyon Dahab on his 15th birthday.
  •  Divemaster: 28th July 2015 (PADI #365946)
  •  Projected Instructor: 12th September 2015


When and where did you first start diving?

I took my first breath from a regulator aged 5 in a swimming pool in Kenya when my mother was doing a pool try dive experience. I couldn’t wait to be old enough to try properly myself and when we went on holiday to Cyprus my family bought me the Open Water Course for my 10th birthday.

1.First Visit-Dahab-2010What inspired you to try scuba diving?

I think seeing some documentaries on the Discovery channel with Steve Irwin (Crocodile Hunter) hahaha

Do you have any role model who have inspired you?

I would say that I’ve got a few, the instructors that took me through my courses to Divemaster level had a massive impact and hopefully some of their good habits and professionalism has rubbed off on me! The fact they also had an obvious passion for diving helped encourage me and proved to me that it’s possible to have a job you love and not dread going to work every morning!

2. First Visit-Dahab-2010What do you like about diving ?

Diving gives you a chance to get away from any problems that you might have on the surface and provides a method of escape. I find it more relaxing than other sports combined with experiencing another world and the aquatic life.

5. Dahab-2011What is the deepest dive you’ve ever done?

I went to 40M as part of my deep spec course in Dahab at the Lighthouse Reef

What U/W activities do you like most?

I enjoy guiding dives and showing other divers the amazing sights at the local reefs, although deep dives are also a favorite of mine. They often give you the chance to see life and underwater features such as swim-through or wrecks that you don’t get the chance to see when at shallower depths.

17. DM-2015What is the most memorable dive you’ve ever done?

One of the most memorable dives was a night dive in Dahab a few years ago; it was amazing how the aquatic life changes when the sun goes down. We almost ran into a Fan-tail stingray that was bigger than me on the safety stop! Along with seeing a huge barracuda lurking in the distance this definitely made the dive memorable.

What’s the most unusual thing you’ve seen on a dive?

If you are diving in tropical waters I think you see something unusual on every dive because of the huge variety of life and some of the stranger creatures that go alongside this.

4. Dahab-2011What dive locations are on your bucket list and why?

The diving here in Egypt and Dahab is superb and there are still more locations to explore in the Red Sea. Further afield I would like to dive the Maldives to experience the different conditions such as current and a chance to see the bigger fish like whale sharks and manta rays.

What has been your favorite PADI course, and why?

My favorite course was probably the PADI Advanced OW as you get to try different diving activities like drift dives, improving buoyancy and night diving. I feel like it really improves you as a diver and brings a lot of different skills you may not learn in other courses.


What is your actual involvement in the diving industry?

I was granted an Internship at Red Sea Relax this summer to complete my Dive Master and Instructor qualifications. Since passing my Dive Master I have been guiding local dives for them and once I qualify as an Instructor I have been guaranteed a place on their permanent Instructor roster.

I have to return to UK to start university and here I will help with the marketing side during term time returning to Dahab and Red Sea Relax to work during vacations periods.

23. IDC-2015What is your ultimate goal in terms of PADI certifications?

I love diving and the truly wonderful thing is the ability to introduce it to other people. I know I am going to love being an Instructor and to hopefully progress to higher levels and become a Course Director shaping future Instructors has to be the ultimate goal.

11. DM-2015 How do we address any barriers that children may face with parents regarding their decision to try diving or pursue it as a career?

I would imagine that parents always want the best for their children- which means having a “proper” job, that pays well and offers potential for advancement if you work hard.

We know that in the diving industry you’re probably never going to get rich- or certainly not rich quick- but it really is an extremely responsible job that does offer a chance for progression. It is also extremely rewarding work that offers the chance for huge job satisfaction. The old advice of find a job that you love and you’ll never work a day in your life really does apply here. If a parent wants the best for their child- they should take into account the happiness that working in such an industry could bring and therefor support them in their career choice.

22. DM-2015

…I’d like to conclude my interview with Chris’ words:

“On a professional note, Charlie exudes enthusiasm for diving. On his DM course produced some of the highest scores we have seen in our 12 year business history and over the last week he has eased straight into the role of Dive Guide with confidence, charm and professionalism. Despite his young age, to me he already represents an excellent ambassador for PADI at its professional best”

9. Dahab-2013

 Charlie, from all of us at PADI: congratulations on your Divemaster credential and all the best in furthering your career at PADI!


New Course Director in Egypt – Dominic Gibbings

Dom wr

There’s something very special about introducing people to a completely new and exciting experience. I love teaching diving and seeing the huge grin on a student’s face as they surface at one of Dahab’s beautiful dive sites.  These are some of the reasons why my intention of being a dive pro for one year, in 2004, lead to me making Dahab my home and diving my career.

Since then I’ve gained experience through working in Thailand, Technical Diving and teaching a wide variety of courses. My passions are getting people hooked on diving and marine ecology.

I’m a part-owner of H2O Divers Dahab, which was the base of operations for Ahmed Gabr’s World Record 332.35m dive in September 2014.  We’re a fantastic team of pros; an awesome IDC Centre, with an open water site right on our doorstep.  We look forward to welcoming instructor candidates from Egypt and across the globe, and mentoring them towards their goal – the fantastic lifestyle of a PADI Pro.

Congratulations to Dom for successfully completing his CDTC !

كم تكلفة تعلم الغوص

الغوص يكلف أقل من معظم ألأنشطة الأخرى (وتحصل على شهادة في النهاية بعد التعلم ….)

كم تكلفة تعلم الغوص هي مسألة ساخنة بين الطلاب ومراكز الغوص على حد سواء. الغوص يسمح لك بالذهاب الى اماكن خارج نطاق امكانياتنا البيولوجية، لأنها تتيح لنا أن نتنفس تحت الماء. انه شعور سحري حقا ويمكنك المشاركة في هذه الرياضة في أي مكان طالما توفرت المياه والمعدات.

ما هي تكلفة الغوص – لماذا نحن بحاجة إلى الاستثمار في تعليم الغوص؟ مقارنة مع الرياضات الأخرى والأنشطة، تعلم الغوص ليس باهظ الثمن. الغوص هو الرياضة التي تقدم اعلى متعه ممكنه يمكن الحصول عليها. تتعلم الغوص تحت إشراف مدربين تلقوا تدريبا عاليا، من ذوي الخبرة المهنية – وهو مدرب بادي. بالإضافة الى ذلك يمكنك الحصول على شهادة في الغوص في نهاية دورة بادي لغواص المياه المفتوحة (قليل من الأنشطة الأخرى التي يمكن أن تقدم ذلك).

لمقارنة الغوص بغيرها من الألعاب الرياضية التي تتطلب التدريب

تكلفة تعلم الغوص تساوى نفس تكلفة:

يوم كامل من تعلم ركوب الأمواج.

 يومين تعلم تسلق الصخور.

يومين لدروس التجديف.

يومين لدروس التزلج

حوالي ثلاث ساعات من دروس الجولف الخاصة.

حوالي ثلاث ساعات من دروس التزلج على الماء الخاصة.



كم تكلفة تعلم الغوص؟ أعتقد أنك سوف تجد الغوص هو أفضل قيمة مقابل المال المدفوع والوقت اللازم للتعليم.

لدى ايمان أنك تحصل على ما يوازى ما تدفعه ماديا. عند الذهاب إلى الطبيب، هل تختار أرخص طبيب؟ أو هل تختار الطبيب طبقا لسمعة او مهارة يشتهر بها هذا الطبيب والذي تثق ان بإمكانه العناية بك وبصحتك؟ إذا كنت في حاجة لعملية جراحية هل تذهب الى طبيب عيادته قذرة ومهمل ولا يتمتع بالحرفية فقط لأنه أرخص سعرا؟ بالطبع لا لأنك تقدر صحتك وسلامتك.

عندما تتعلم كيفية الغوص، فأنت تتعلم كيفية تلبية أبسط احتياجات الإنسان –  التنفس – مع فارق أساسي واحد: أن التنفس سيكون تحت الماء.

دورة المياة المفتوحة (أذا تم تدريسها بطريقه صحيحه) لن تعلمك فقط الأساسيات، ولكن أيضا تدربك على الإجراءات التي يجب اتباعها في حالة الطوارئ وهذه الاجراءات للحفاظ على سلامتك وامانك. إذا تدربت بشكل  جيد مع السماح بمتسع من الوقت لإتقان كل مهارة بالشكل الصحيح والتي في النهاية ستعطيك أكبر فرصه للبقاء امنا. هل تعتقد ان المدرب او الدورة رخيصة الثمن ستسمح لك بعمل هذا؟ بالطبع لا




انا شخصيا اشكك في اخذ دورة او حتى الغوص مع المركز الذي يعرض سعرا اقل بكثير من منافسيه. لماذا؟ في الغالب لابد انه يهمل في شيء مثل صيانة المعدات او غيرة

الا تعتقد ان حياتك وصحتك أغلي بكثير من فارق الثمن بين المركز الملتزم الاحترافي وغيرة من المراكز؟

دعنا ننظر للأمر بشكل أعمق قليلا

دورة غواص المياه المفتوحة تستغرق من ثلاث الى خمس أيام، وهو ما يعادل متوسط 24 ساعة عمل، والتي خلالها يتم الرعاية والاعتناء بك كمتدرب، وتعليمك مهارات جديدة عليك ستمكنك من الاستمتاع بنشاط جديد بقية حياتك وفي نهاية الدورة يتم ترخيصك واعتمادك كغواص. أي شخص يدعى انه سيعلمك الغوص في اقل من هذه المدة لابد ان يخل بأحد المعايير او العديد منها.

انا أفضل المركز الذي سيضع سلامتي وأمنى قبل المدة الزمنية، وتعلم الغوص في جو من الاسترخاء وعدم التسرع لأصدار شهادة غوص بدون الحصول على الثقة بالنفس المطلوبة لتصبح غواص.

مركز الغوص الذي يقلل السعر بشكل كبير عن منافسيه للأسف غير ملتزم بأحد او عدد من المعايير والتي يمكن ان تؤثر على سلامتك وأمنك،

سعر قليل جدا يساوى خدمة ضعيفة جدا

احصل على بادي وأبقى امنا

Digital Suite Workshop

At the beginning of June, Aquarius Diving Club in Sharm el Sheikh, in cooperation with PADI Regional Manager – Teo Brambilla, organized a Digital Suite Workshop for its staff.

AquariusInstructors, Divemasters, counter and sales staff all gathered at Coral Sea Holiday Village Hotel to attend the workshop!

The PADI Digital Product Suite is a collection of industry-leading products designed to enhance the learning experience of students and PADI Professionals.

Focus of the workshop was to look at, explain and show the differences between the various digital products:

Revamped PADI App
PADI Library App
Trial PADI eCard
PADI eLearning®
Open Water Diver TouchTM
ReActivate Program
Equipment Specialist TouchTM
PADI Open Water Diver Certification Paks
eTraining Dive Log
PADI Online Processing Center

During the workshop, Teo explained how to obtain the various products; provided ideas on how to consider incorporating the product and shared some examples/ideas from those who have already implemented some of these tools already …And finally, helped familiarizing with the products via a live demonstration !


Although printed manuals are great for some people, today, many more people expect a higher level of interaction with learning materials.They want to be able to read, watch, listen and navigate through the material in a way that works for them.

Many people don’t differentiate informal learning from formal learning. Meaning that if you can find all kinds of fun and informative how-to videos about all sorts of things online, you should also be be able to get fun and information instruction for scuba diving delivered to you in a similar way:

This is why PADI digital products are now available for different platforms and different devices!


What does this mean for a PADI Professional? You have the tools to deliver course content to your student divers and future customers in a variety of ways.

Here’s 5 reasons why you should think about implementing the usage of Digital products:

#1 – It’s the way divers learn today
#2 – You’ll have the flexibility to order on-demand.
#3 – No shipping means less costs.
#4 – Staff and students will benefit from enriched teaching opportunities.
#5 – It’s kinder to the environment.

mfRunning a Digital Suite Workshop is a great idea for any PADI Cen­ter, so if you are inter­ested please get in contact with Teo and he will be happy to organize a tailor made workshop for your business.

Not convinced yet? …have a look at the comments below from Aquarius’ staff:

 Hatem – Area Manager:
Teo’s workshop was very informative and the materials used to demonstrate were to a high standard. As more and more people are using smart phones and tablets the PDF version of the manuals is a useful idea and will encourage more people to do the course especially when they do not have a big paper manual to carry home and can read at ease during their holiday.

 Ayman – Boat Manager:
The explanations were very clear and easy to understand during the workshop. The app is a brilliant tool for instructors to use but would be useful if it can be used offline once the information as been download. It could then be used to show for example the explanation of Discover Scuba Diving. The E-Learning is a fantastic product and in my opinion the best way for guests to complete all courses rather than use up their valuable holiday time in the classroom.

 Speed – Coral Sea Dive Centre Manager:
The PADI workshop included very useful information that will help me and my staff. I particularly like the Reactivate program as think this is an easier option for the clients rather than the current Scuba Review and also more based on the experience and judgment of the instructors to tailor it to each individual diver.

 Emma – LTO Coordinator:
I found the workshop very useful and packed with new updates and products. Teo gave the information in a clear and interactive way which was both educational and fun! The new Reactivate program is a brilliant idea and I believe will encourage more divers to get back in the water, especially while on family holidays here in Sharm el Sheikh.

 Kasia – Counter, Sive Dive Centre:
Now that most people use Facebook I think the idea of ScubaEarth is brilliant and customers can share their experiences so it is fun for them and also good for dive destination and centres to get exposure. Also we already see many people come to the diving centre with their certification on their smart phone so the idea of the ecard and log book will be very popular.



Laurie Cummings celebrates his 12.000th dive.

PADI Assistant Instructor – Lauri Cummings has been recently awarded by PADI Regional Manager – Teo Brambilla after logging his 12.000th dive at the age of 74!

IMG-20150317-WA0002Laurie, a retired police officer with a great passion for diving, started diving in the early 90s in the North Sea. He has been passionate about fitness since his school days and took up diving after retiring from competitive running; he loved it so much he moved to Bodrum in Turkey to pursue his favorite interest. After 12 years in Turkey, he moved to Sharm El Sheikh in 2005 to work as a dive guide. Lauri currently splits his time between County Durham in UK and Sharm el Sheikh in Egypt.


A special dive to the world famous wreck SS Thistlegorm, to mark the milestone, has been coordinated with the great organization and support of PADI 5* Dive Resort Diving & Discovery.

Raffaele, Giusy and their team not only organized the missing dives to reach the goal and the great dive to the wreck but also surprised Lauri with a special party on the boat and a gathering with family and friends – at their facility – where PADI Regional Manager presented the award.

l2Here few questions we asked Lauri during the award ceremony:

Is there a special reason why you chose to celebrate your 12000th on the Thistlegorm?

I was born in Easington, a colliery village on the coast just south of the River Wear and Sunderland where the Thistlegorm was built: I thought it would be a nice way to commemorate my 12.000th dive.

When and where did you become a PADI Assistant Instructor?

I became an Assistant Instructor in the mid 1990`s whilst working as a guide out in Bodrum, Turkey.

What has been the most memorable dive of your life?

The most memorable dive in my career was that of my first dive in the North-East of England when the Club Instructor got all the tide times etc, wrong and I dove in a `rip tide` (not very pleasant !!!!).

My best memory for a dive was that of diving the Thistlegorm for the first time in 1995.  As I told you the Thistlegorm was built, launched and sunk in the year that I was born (1941). It was built on the River Wear which was 8 miles from where I lived as a boy, so it holds a great deal of memory for me !!!

thg2(Photo courtesy of Denis Zorzin)

What dive locations are on your bucket list and why?

Up to this present date in time I have dived in a great many countries and therefore I do not wish to travel away from Sharm as I personally believe the Red Sea to be the best diving place in the world.

What is your next challenge?

I do not have any further challenges as my diving and running keep me active all the time. I only wish that I had taken my Instructor`s Certificate early on in my career, but, all I wanted to do was dive and guide. As you know I am now 74 years of age.

l3From PADI Europe, Middle East and Africa Team: Congratulations Laurie!

PADI Course Director Mohamed Shafei: 30 years as PADI Member!

During a recent PADI IE in Sharm El Sheikh, Captain Mohamed receives 30 Years Award from PADI Regional Manager,Teo Brambilla.


Here a small interview with one of the icons of the Diving Industry in the Middle East:

Tell us about your educational background.

My Background is in commerce, specifically I graduated from Alexandria University, Bsc of Commerce.

When did you start diving?

I started Diving in 1982!
I was one of the first member of Cairo Divers club  and for many years I was board member & president  (the club used to be the largest Dive club: 400 member)

In that period, I was also involved in organizing clean up activities in Ain Sukna and Sharm El Sheikh.


When did you start teaching diving?

I attended the first ever PADI Instructor Training Program in Egypt in 1983 in Hurgada held by BOB Wales. After that, I started teaching diving course in AUC compus in Cairo.

I was consequently contracted by Ras Mohammed NMP to teach their rangers.

How and When you decided to become a PADI Course Director?

I was involved in organizing the First PADI IDC in Egypt in 1990 with Mark Canny & Alain Sobol. This plus my continuously growing teaching experience helped me to choose my next steps:

  • In 1994 I  established Nautilus DC in Cairo.
  • In 1997 I became Course Director attending the first CDTC organized by PIL in Malta.
  • In 2002 I became Tec Instructor Trainer


What is your actual involvement in the diving industry?

…I keep my self busy teaching IDCs (and any other recreational and Technical course) allover the Gulf Peninsula and Egypt!


From PADI Europe, Middle East and Africa Team: Congratulations Mohamed, and thank you for your loyalty over the years!



Camel Dive Club – Dive Center of the year 2014

The last Divers’ Party at Camel Bar was a truly special event for the whole Sharm El Sheikh diving community, which gathered to celebrate two important milestones.
On 14 February at the London International Dive Show, Egypt was awarded “Destination of the Year 2014” demonstrating divers’ continued love for Egypt’s unbeatable Red Sea diving.
The whole Camel Team was also thrilled to celebrate its own victory in the same Awards which rated the historical diving hub in Naama Bay “Dive Centre of the Year 2014” worldwide, as voted by readers of DIVER, the popular British magazine.


The Awards recognize the diving industry’s top brands; every year the competition for the top three in each category is intense, and this time was no exception, with the top two placed dive centres both coming from Sharm El Sheikh (Red Sea Diving College came second).

The Divers’ Night was also an ideal occasion for Teo Brambilla (PADI Regional Manager) to present Camel Dive Club the important achievement of being within the top 3 diving centre in Egypt with the highest number of PADI certifications issued in 2014.


.A delighted Simone Pelucchi (Diving GM) commented: “With the clear recent pick up we are witnessing in the diving business in Sharm, our Team is working harder to present the advantages of continued education for our certified divers, whilst guaranteeing at the same time perfect conditions for diver wannabes of all ages, in the Red Sea and at Camel”.

Mark Caney’s visit to Sharm el Sheikh

In Mid-December, Mark Caney – PADI EMEA Vice President, Training and Customer Services – visited Sharm El Sheikh as part of PADI’s task force to support Egypt.


During his visit, Mark has visited some PADI Dive Resorts owners and managers to have a clear ‘view from the field’ on how the diving industry is settling after the political developments in the country.camel

A round table with PADI Top certifier in the area and the two redistributors (Codex and Skubba) has also been organized. During the meeting Mark has gathered important feedbacks from the role players of the diving business but he has also covered some important news – from PADI’s side – that will contribute to support the diving industry in Egypt.


Stay tuned to find out more on PADI’s initiatives for Egypt in 2015!


Mark’s trip has ended with a great party at Hard Rock café, where he met PADI 5* Dive Resorts owners and managers: a great occasion for all the participants to have a good chat and wish each other a Happy Christmas!


Staff Spotlight: Matt Wenger (Consultant, Training & Quality Management)


Contact Details:

Email: [email protected]

Tel: +44 (0) 117 300 7390

A quick bio:

Originally I’m form Zug in Switzerland, I always was the “black sheep” in our family and I knew I not will end up working normal 9-5 jobs. I started traveling the world when I was 19, spent most of my time in the sunny Caribbean. I started working with a small German Dive center where I completed all my PADI courses. After stations in Asia, Maldives I’m back in Europe. Since May 2014 I’m part of the Training and Quality Management Team. My job is it to answer training related questions to our members, additionally we monitor the quality of PADI course thought in the EMEA region. I do love every minute of my job……

When did you first learn to dive?

I started diving when I was 14 years old with my brother in Cyprus. Crazy time if I think back…..My brother surfaced after the 4th dive and asked the instructor why his ears hurt when he descent. The instructor told him “you got to equalize” my brother’s response “didn’t know”

How many dives have you done?

A lot, more than 7000

What is the first bit of dive equipment you bought?

That was a TUSA Mask, I loved it! Until one day a pretty big diver sit on it, the rest is history.

If you could only pack one bit of dive equipment to take with you on a trip what would it be?

Mask, without a doubt

What is your favourite dive site in the UK?

Must be Vobster Quarry (the only one I divedJ)

What is your favourite dive site in the world?

WOW, what a difficult question. That must be either the Cenotes in Mexico or Darwin Arches in the Galapagos.

What song do you currently like to listen to before you go diving?

????????? Who listens to music before diving? I listen to briefings……..

What is your favourite animal underwater?

Eagle Ray

What animal would you love to see on your next dive?

I want to dive with Manatees, which must be awesome.

What dive site is at the top of your to wish list?

Stoney Cove 🙂

What sort of food do you pack in your lunch box to eat between dives?

Red Bull (Breakfast for Champions)

If you could go diving with someone (dead or alive) who would it be?

The Family Guy

Staff Spotlight: Tayi Orri (Consultant, Training and Quality Management)


Contact Details:

Email: [email protected]

Tel: +44 (0) 117 300 7234

A quick bio:

The first time I used a mask and a pair of fins was in a swimming pool in Patagonia in 1991 when I was almost two years old. My parents owned a PADI Dive Resort and soon I became a diver. I snorkelled at the sea for the first time when I was 3 years old and I begun to scuba dive in the cold waters of Patagonia with sea lions and dolphins at the age of 10. After becoming a music teacher at the University of Almería in Spain, I became a PADI Instructor and quickly progressed to become an IDC Staff Instructor in 2011. I worked as an IDC Staff Instructor for two years in Spain and last year I worked in the Dominican Republic. I joined PADI in January 2014 as a Training and Quality Management consultant.

When did you first learn to dive?

I did my first dive in Puerto Madryn Argentina, as a kid. But I got certified many years later in Spain.

How many dives have you done?


What is the first bit of dive equipment you bought?

A shining yellow mask and a wetsuit made to measure! I was so tiny!

If you could only pack one bit of dive equipment to take with you on a trip what would it be? 

My mask!

What is your favourite dive site in the UK?

I have made just two dives in the UK for now. They were in Swanage and I had a great time diving with Almudena Pineiro J. We saw two really nice small rays!

What is your favourite dive site in the world?

I think I need to dive in more places to answer this question, but I love to dive in Almeria (South of Spain). It´s beautiful to dive in the ancient reefs form by the “Posidonia oceánica” (sea grass) and find all kind of hidden creatures in them!

What song do you currently like to listen to before you go diving?

Any happy song!!! I love music!

What is your favourite animal underwater?

Flabellina!!! I love all the mini life! But I also love all kind of rays!

What animal would you love to see on your next dive?

A whale shark! That will be awesome! J

What dive site is at the top of your to wish list?

Maldives, Thailand, Bahamas, Cayman Island, Iceland! I have a really long list!

What sort of food do you pack in your lunch box to eat between dives?

Cribs, chocolate, sandwiches…

If you could go diving with someone (dead or alive) who would it be?

All my family and boyfriend together! We are all divers! 🙂