PADI Pool Party Event at Gold’s Gym – Cairo!


Great success at the PADI Pool Party Event at Gold’s Gym Katameya Club in Cairo!


photo1…With the intent to expand the diving industry within the Egyptian market, PADI Regional Manager Teo Brambilla, PADI Course Director Mohammed Adel and PADI Instructor but also, Gold’s Gym Manager Ahmed Saleh decided to organize a customized event specifically designated for Cairo Gold’s Gym Members.

photo5During the weekend 23/24 September, PADI Dive Resorts Big Blue (Dahab) and Eurodivers Egypt (with branches in Hurghada, El Gouna and El Quseir) partnered up – with the support of PADI – to introduce gym’s members to the wonderful world of Scuba Diving.

photo2The great set up of Gold’s Gym, with an ‘ad hoc’ swimming pool on the roof, allowed members to try scuba diving either before or after their workouts …. Icing on the cake was the presence in the water (among other instructors) of the Gym’s Manager himself who, as passionate PADI Instructor, didn’t hesitate to change hats, put his wetsuit on and guide members through their PADI Discover Scuba Diving!

photo3Over these two days, more than 40 people did their PADI Discover scuba diving!

…Those who showed interest (the majority!) received a digital voucher, which will allow them to complete their PADI Open Water Course at a special rate in one of the Diving Centres mentioned above.

photo4If you are a PADI Diving Center owner and/or manager with connections with corporates, sports clubs, universities, etc. and you wish to organize a similar event – addressed to the local market in Egypt – please get in contact with PADI RM Teo Brambilla.

Open Water Touch Affiliation Links Available in More Languages

Add links to your website and automatically affiliate Touch or eLearning students with your store so you generate revenue around the clock. Use the link below and plug in your store number along with the corresponding course ID.

Affiliation links are now available for Open Water Diver Touch in these additional languages: Spanish, Polish, Korean, German, French, Italian, Arabic, Dutch, Japanese and Portuguese.

For Touch, Certification Paks and eLearning use:

For ReActivate use:

Here’s the full list of available affiliation links:

Make sure you check your Courses Offered preferences under the My Account section in the PADI Pros’ Site so you can use the corresponding affiliation links. If the proper courses are not set up in the Pros’ Site, your store will not be auto-affiliated.

Implementing the Updated PADI Advanced Open Water Diver Course


There’s a lot to like about the revised and updated PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course: the obvious and necessary content updates, the new Thinking Like a Diver section, the cool new PADI Advanced Open Water Diver materials and, from an immediate implementation perspective, the fact that the new course is at once new and exciting yet still essentially familiar. Perhaps the neatest benefit and the greatest opportunity is the streamlined relationship between the Adventure Dives and PADI Specialties.

Now’s the perfect time to review the specialties you (and your staff) teach and seriously consider expanding what you offer. Evaluate the specialty dive opportunities in your area, and those you are particularly passionate about, which you couldn’t link to the previous Advanced Open Water Diver course. This is the perfect opportunity to create your own special course that reflects your unique area and benefits, and which excites divers.

Now, the first dives of all standardized PADI or AWARE Specialty Diver courses may be offered as Adventure Dives. You can offer these “new” Adventure Dives – for example, an Ice Dive or a Dive Against Debris™ Adventure Dive – if you’re certified as an instructor in the specialty, and the student diver meets the specialty prerequisites. (Also, while the PADI Rebreather Diver course is not a PADI Specialty Diver course, the first, task-intensive, confined water dive counts as an Adventure Dive.) There’s a complete list of the revised Adventure Dives and the standardized PADI Specialty Diver courses, and a lot more information, in the 3Q2016 The Undersea Journal.

AOWDebris_Catalina_0416_033A few obsolete Adventure Dives are gone, but you can offer more than ever before. A great example is the Digital Underwater Imaging Adventure Dive, which replaces both the Underwater Photography and Underwater Videography Adventure Dives. This new dive focuses on modern cameras that shoot both stills and video, and develops basic skills and knowledge in both – though you and your student divers may favor one or the other. The dive still credits as the first dive in the PADI Digital Underwater Photographer course, even though it differs from the specialty (which will be revised in the future).

The opportunities are nearly endless: Depending upon your location and market, you can get divers started in sidemount, ice, cavern, full face mask, delayed surface marker buoy (DSMB), diver propulsion vehicle (DPV), enriched air or any other standardized specialty using existing specialty materials.

Tie in the new Adventure Dives by having the PADI Specialty Instructor ratings for the new opportunities, and grab this unique moment to make your new Advanced Open Water Diver course truly special.

5 Tips for Pros: How to Maintain Your Scuba Gear Properly


As a PADI Professional, your scuba gear is exposed to heavy use – much more than the average recreational diver. Three or five dives a day teaching students or guiding certified divers will quickly leave their mark, and you’ll notice your diving equipment ageing much quicker than usual.

Of course, you can help to counteract this wear and tear with proper maintenance of your dive equipment, allowing you to get the best results from your gear despite the high strain.

Above all you shouldn’t forget that you always have a role model function as a PADI Pro, and your scuba gear in particular should always be exemplary: clean, well maintained and fully functional. This way you show your students and other divers that you’re a conscientious diving professional, and demonstrate the importance of well-maintained diving gear.

Here are 5 tips on properly caring for your scuba equipment:

#1 – Rinse your diving equipment thoroughly after every dive

It doesn’t matter if you’re diving in fresh or salt water; clean your scuba gear with clean water after every dive. This will help to remove dirt and other contaminants like micro-organisms or stinging particles from coral or jellyfish. It also helps to prevent the unwanted formation of salt crystal build-up after open water dives in the ocean.

#2 – Dry your diving equipment after every dive

neoprene-careSure, it can difficult as a PADI Pro to do this if you use your diving equipment multiple times during the day. But in between your dives, try to dry out your gear as well as you can. When dive gear is kept damp (especially when stored), bacteria or fungi can quickly develop and spread, which not only damages your diving equipment but can also trigger infections and irritations to your skin.

To dry your scuba gear hang it up outside, ideally in a dry and breezy place but not directly in blazing sunshine. Sunlight can cause faster ageing of materials and can make neoprene and rubber parts brittle.

scuba-equipment#3 – Check any moving parts regularly for dirt and defects

At least once a day, you should make sure that all moving parts on your diving equipment (such as buckles on your BCD, inflator buttons, regulator purge buttons etc.) are clean and working properly. That way you’ll be reassured that there are no dirt, sand or salt crystals stuck in your diving gear that might cause a malfunction during a dive.

#4 – Deep-clean and maintain your diving equipment on a regular basis

In addition to rinsing your kit with clean fresh water after each dive, you should also wash your gear thoroughly at least once a week with a special cleaner designed for dive equipment. This applies not only for neoprene suits, but also for your BCD.

scuba-gear#5 – Store your diving equipment properly

Between dives – and especially if you’re taking some time away from teaching – you should ensure that your gear is stored properly to avoid damage and deformation of the material. Make sure it’s completely dry before packing it away (see #2), don’t stand your fins on the blade-end (as they’ll bend out of shape), and ensure the glass in your diving mask is protected from being scratched.

In addition to these 5 tips, you should always be very careful when carrying and using your diving equipment. Strong impact can easily damage your gear, especially the small components in your BCD and regulator.

PADI’s Equipment Specialist Touch is a great tool to help refresh your memory on maintenance techniques, even as a PADI Professional. It’s also a valuable teaching aid to use with your students to help them learn the importance of caring for their scuba equipment.

christian_huboThis article was written by guest blogger, Christian Hubo. A PADI diving instructor, Christian has enjoyed over 4,000 dives whilst travelling around the world. Above the surface, he’s hiked thousands of kilometers across the natural world. Christian is a freelance web and media designer, underwater photographer, social media and marketing consultant and freelance author. His magazine articles and blog, Feel4Nature, inspires people to follow an independent, individual and eco-conscious lifestyle.


MF2016_HEADER copy

We are pleased to invite you to join us at the 2016 Member Forums in Egypt.

PADI Member Forum 2016 promises to be an exciting and informative journey through the new, cutting-edge educational tools that have been added to PADI’s digital library.
The seminar will feature a risk management presentation along with an interactive Q&A session about PADI Standards.

You’ll also get a glimpse into the new PADI marketing campaigns, including: My PADI, AmbassaDiver™, Discover Scuba® Diving Days, and changes within Emergency First Response® and Project AWARE® programs. Registration is free and recommended.
Don’t miss out on this opportunity to meet up with other PADI Professionals and Members in your area and discuss issues you may need assistance on… or just enjoy the get-together with other key players in the industry.

The events details are as follows:

7th of April 2016 at 19:00hrs
Hilton Marsa Alam Nubian Resort – KM97 Quseir Marsa Alam Road

15th of April 2016 at 19:00hrs
Hurghada Marriott Beach Resort – El Corniche Road

18th of April 2016 at 19:00hrs
Ras Mohamed National Park’s Conference Room – Bank Street – Hadaba

22th of April 2016 at 19:00hrs
Hotel ibis Styles Dahab Lagoon (previously Coralia)

** Please register online using the links provided above **

There is no charge for attendance at the Forum. Attendance at this member forum will count as one seminar credit.

The Forum will be conducted by:
Teo Brambilla, Regional Manager Egypt.
Teo can be contacted on +20 122 3658961 or [email protected]

We look forward to seeing you at one of our Member Forums!

Your PADI Europe, Middle East and Africa Team


Congratulations to PADI’s Top Certifying Instructors in 2015

Go_Pro_CAY07_1136_TS_KingWorld_LGTop certifying PADI Instructors will soon be receiving their Elite Instructor Award. This award celebrates the achievements of PADI Instructors who issued 50, 100, 150, 200 or 300+ certifications during 2015.

The Elite Instructor Award distinguishes PADI professionals by highlighting their experience as PADI Members and gives them the means to promote their elite status to student divers, potential students, prospective employers and others. Elite Instructor Award recipients receive an acknowledgement letter and recognition certificate (both signed by PADI President and Chief Executive Officer Dr. Drew Richardson), a decal to add to their instructor cards, and an e-badge they may use on emails, websites, blogs and social media pages. Elite award instructors may authorize PADI Dive Centres or Resorts with which they associate to display their Elite Instructor Award on the business’ digital site as well.

Check out the 2015 Global Elite Instructor Recipient List to see who earned an award for their 2015 certifications. Listed PADI Instructors can go to the “My Account” tab on this site to download their 2015 Elite Instructor e-badge, and should also be able to see their e-badge on their PADI Pro Chek results page.

Visit the PADI Elite Instructor information page to read about the program.


PADI Offices Revamping – Team Egypt

PADI Offices Revamp Service to Boost Diving’s Best-In-Class Member Experience

One-stop-shop specialized support teams are only the beginning in helping PADI Members succeed in 2016.PADI50

If you’ve heard change is in the air at PADI, you are correct! The PADI organization revamped the global Regional Headquarters to upgrade its already unparalleled service and support for PADI Members. As part of a dynamic initiative to super-charge diver acquisition in 2016, changes include streamlining departments to allow for one-stop member service through the creation of dedicated regional teams to offer you area-tailored consultation and support.

Territory and Regional Specialists – One Call Does It All
Suppose you want to add PADI Freediver™ to your course offerings. You have questions about obtaining your Freediver Instructor rating, you need to order some Freediver training materials, and you’re looking for tips on how to reach potential Freediver customers. To meet these needs in the past, you would have talked with three different PADI departments — but not anymore. With restructured PADI Territory teams, now you can do it all with one call. PADI Territories are led by Territory Directors – industry veterans with years of dive industry experience empowered to deliver the prescriptive support you need to succeed. Each territory is also supported by multiple teams of Regional Managers and Regional Training Consultants. Your regional team is highly familiar with your local area’s unique successes and challenges, is knowledgeable in both PADI training standards and the latest products and services, and is dedicated to helping your business grow.

Team Egypt

Under the leadership of Jonas Samuelsson as our Territory Director, Pam Holt will now be working as a dedicated office contact together with PADI’s Regional Manager, Teo Brambilla, providing service from the field.


team egyptPADI also redefines member service with the introduction of the PADI Customer Relations department. PADI Customer Relations unifies support for business-critical services such as diver certification inquiries, membership status updates, digital product support, and other customer service needs. Formerly handled by multiple departments with overlapping responsibilities, merging these services increases efficiency and simplifies getting special service and help when you need it.

Investing in Industry Growth and Prosperity – Now Here’s Something to Talk About
As PADI kicks-off its 50th anniversary celebration, the organization’s focus is not on its past successes, but on you and your fellow PADI Members’ prosperity for the next 50 years. To this end, the PADI Offices are investing more than ever before in unprecedented market research to increase diver acquisition and retention, and improve the diver experience. As just one example, PADI has McKinsey & Company, a highly recognized, multinational consulting firm, assisting with qualitative and quantitative research to identify new opportunities for industry growth. Stay tuned as PADI turns research into action to help drive more divers to you.

PADI Members – The Way the World Learns to Dive
For five decades, the PADI family has continuously evolved the dive experience to deliver unrivaled diver education backed by best-in-class instructor and dive operation support. Enjoying its yearlong golden anniversary celebration, PADI continues to evolve both member and diver experiences, showcase you and your fellow PADI Professionals as diving’s leading edge, and demonstrate why PADI is the way the world learns to dive.

PADI Regional Manager for Egypt

We are pleased to announce that Teo Brambilla has been appointed as PADI Regional Manager for Egypt.

Teo (2)Currently PADI Regional Manager for Sinai, Teo will expand his territory to include the whole of Egypt. He has accrued a wealth of experience within the diving industry through his roles as PADI Instructor Examiner, TecRec Instructor Trainer and previous owner of a successful PADI 5 Star IDC Centre in Egypt. As PADI Regional Manager for Sinai and Middle East since 2012 Teo also benefits from extensive local knowledge of this region.

With his in-depth knowledge and network within the Egyptian market, Teo will provide invaluable support to PADI members throughout the country.


Teo can be contacted on [email protected] or +2 012 23658961.


Please join us in congratulating Teo in his new role and we wish him a long and successful career at PADI.

PADI Pro Member Benefit #8: Free Digital PADI Instructor Manual


All PADI Professionals who have renewed their PADI Pro membership for 2016 will automatically get free access to the digital edition of the latest PADI Instructor Manual.

The PADI Instructor manual provides all PADI Standards and performance requirements for core PADI courses and programs in a simple, user-friendly format. The digital edition benefits from navigation menus to help search for specific terms or standards with the click of a button.

To download the PADI Instructor Manual, visit the PADI Pros’ Site and select ‘Training Essentials > Digital Instructor Manual’.


You can then choose to download:

  • The latest edition of the PADI Instructor Manual (*2016 edition coming soon)
  • Versions from previous years
  • Summaries of the changes between each year
  • PADI Instructor Manuals in other languages

PADI Professionals who would still prefer a paper-based copy of the PADI Instructor Manual can order theirs from their PADI Sales Consultant or eShop.

Remember: Renew your 2016 PADI Professional Membership before 31st January 2016 and you’ll be able take advantage of our special renewal offers. Find out more here.

Ready to renew? Click here to renew your membership online, or contact Customer Services by email ([email protected]) or telephone (+44 (0)117 3007234)

PADI Pro Member Benefit #7: PADI ProChek and DiveChek Tools

As a renewed PADI Professional, you get the benefit of both PADI ProChek™ and PADI DiveChek™ via the PADI Pros’ Site.

PADI ProChek™

You can use the ProChek™ tool to check the details of other PADI Members you might be working with, or to show your potential students your own information in order to provide them with instant reassurance of your credentials as a PADI Professional.

The ProChek™ tool is located on the PADI Pros’ Site under ‘Online Services’. Enter a PADI Professional’s membership number to see their highest core rating, current status and the year they were last renewed.

prochekThis information can also be accessed on-the-go via the PADI App (available to download for free on iOS and Android mobile devices) and the consumer website.

PADI DiveChek™

If your customer’s have arrived but without their certification cards, the DiveChek™ Online tool is an easy way to help verify their details and save valuable diving time.

The DiveChek™ tool is available on the PADI Pros’ Site under ‘Online Services’. Enter your customer’s full name and date of birth, and you’ll be able to confirm their certification history, the date they completed the training and with which PADI Member/Dive Shop.

You can use the DiveChek™ tool 365 days a year, 24/7 so you can verify your customer’s information instantly without waiting for replacement cards or contacting your local PADI office.

divechek-exampleRemember: Renew your 2016 PADI Professional Membership before 31st January 2016 and you’ll be able take advantage of our special renewal offers. Find out more here.

Ready to renew? Click here to renew your membership online, or contact Customer Services by email ([email protected]) or telephone (+44 (0)117 3007234)