British Embassy VIPs Get Their PADI in Cairo: link between UK and Egypt ever-strong!


In mid July, British Embassy Representatives – based in Cairo – decided to discover the Underwater World and the beauty of the Red Sea, by taking their PADI Open Water Course.

Picture 1 from right to left Mr. John Casson British Ambassador in Cairo, Middle Mr. Magdy El-Araby MSDT and owner of Maadi Divers, left Mr. Edward Ahlgren Defense Attaché at British EmbassyThe course was thought by the experienced PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer – Magdy El-Araby, PADI Member for more than 20 years and  owner of the first and one of the most famous PADI Diving Centers in Cairo: Maadi Divers.

picture 5 from right to left Mr. John Casson, Mr. Edward Ahlgren, and Mr. Magdy El-Araby logging the dives and certificationThe class, composed by his Excellency the British Ambassador in Cairo, his wife, the Regional Gender Adviser at the British Embassy and the Defense Attaché at the British Embassy, successfully completed Confined Water Training and Knowledge Development in Cairo.

picture 4 Mr. John Casson and Mr. Edward Ahlgren removing equipment to rinse with fresh water after the diveThe following weekend, half of the team moved to Sharm el Naga for their Open Water Training: Sharm El Naga Resort is best known for its beautiful coral reefs and its crystal-clear water; it offers everything a holidaymaker could wish for: a sandy beach, a protected house reef for snorkeling and diving and comfortable accommodation.

sharm el nagaUnder the auspices of Atie Bruinenberg, PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer and General Manager of the PADI Resort, Magdy was happy to complete the training and certify Mr. Casson (the British Ambassador in Cairo) and Mr. Ahlgren (the Defense Attaché at the British Embassy) as PADI OPEN WATER DIVERS!

picture 2 from right to left Mr. Magdy El-Araby, Mr. Edward Ahlgren, Mr. John Casson, Mr. Atie Bruinenberg

Magdy El-Araby wrote:

 …”They loved the dive site and saw lots of marine life such as Blue Spotted Sting Rays, a Crocodile fish, several giant Moray Eels, and a Turtle. They also liked the Sharm El-Naga resort and enjoyed the hospitality of the staff of the hotel.”


…“It was a great honor to complete the PADI Open Water Course with Mr. John and Mr. Ed. They are both very nice people and excellent divers. Looking forward to complete with them the Advanced Open Water Course”

…“Maadi Divers is looking forward to complete the Open Water Dives with Mrs. Kathryn and Mrs. Helen next September, as soon as they come back from their holidays”

The British Ambassador in Cairo – Mr. John Casson – wrote:

“ After two years in Egypt it was time to find out what is so special about diving in the Egyptian Red Sea. It was great to have my PADI Open Water experience with one of 334105_411126698923437_665081935_oEgypt’s great diving professionals Magdy El-Araby owner of Maadi Divers, Egypt and to have my first dives at Sharm El-Naga – a jewel in the Red Sea crown. I have been so impressed by the quality of Egypt’s expertise, it’s sun-kissed Red Sea facilities and the spectacular dive sites and sea life. There’s nothing more liberating after the traffic of Cairo than the blue serenity of the Red Sea dives”

Congratulations to everybody …. looking forward to hearing more about your next diving adventures!