Abo Gallum Environmental Project

i-DiVE TRiBE  –  a group of divers whose target is to change the concept of diving in Egypt – has recently completed a successful environmental project in Abu Gallum Protected Area.

Dr. Abd El Rahman El Mekkkawi, PADI IDC Staff Instructor and co-founder of i-DiVE TRiBE, shares with us the report of the event!


Our target is to develop our members’ diving skills, knowledge and concepts. We aim to use the knowledge and individual skills of our members to serve the community and preserve the environment.

We I-Dive Tribe, in collaboration with Incredible divers lead by Ibrahim El Mekkawi, and PADI Dive Resort Bedouin divers,  a group of divers interested in helping spread ecological awareness, would like to share with you our latest environmental project and event. Our founders Dr. Abd El Rahman El Mekkkawi and Farah Akram Samy wanted to do a project that increases the environmental awareness of our young Egyptian youth and helps save our beautiful nature for future generations.
So as a big family, the tribe gathered up and started collecting ideas. Finally, we came to a conclusion that with the help of Hamed Mohamed (teaching assistant at Luxor College of Fine Arts), we will do an underwater clean up in Abo Gallum Protected Area, and Dahab, offshore clean up from The Blue Hole to Abo Gallum, and do some Sandy Stones fluorescent and phosphoric road signs “part of abo galoum protected area remapping and renovation”.

idive1So we cut some flat stones from St. Catherin Mountains and started carving them. Then we colored them in fluorescent colors. They were made out of stone to be long living and eco-friendly. We used phosphoric colors to light up in the dark, as well as the fluorescent colors. The idea of using fluorescent lights was to reflect to it being naturally found in the sea, corals and marine life.
We then moved them to their destinations on the road to mark where people should head.




In this picture, Mr. Emad elwani “Chairman of the City of Dahab” is with us while placing the road signs.

… And since science and knowledge must be a crucial part in our everyday life; and must be our base; the team had some lectures before starting the cleanup:

The lectures were about the corals and their importance to our oceans and seas; also about how to save it from plastics and rubbish that is suffocating it. Farah Akram was our lecturer.

We also had a very interesting lecture from Mr. Ahmed Sadek, the director of Abo Gallum protected Area, who came and talked about the importance of these protected areas.

Since we believe in the importance of science and knowledge, every diver was given an online pdf copy, of Project Aware book to study it and answer the knowledge reviews. Our team leaders/PADI instructors, offered to teach us some of the environmental specialties.

And as a part of acknowledging our work, the director of the protected areas had some acknowledgment certifications made for the whole team.

Then came one of the most important parts of our event that lasted 3 days, off shore and underwater clean up: with the help of a team of young men and women cleaned the shores from the famous Blue Hole to Abo Gallum …And our divers started the underwater clean up.

Here are some photos for both offshore and underwater clean up.

5Part of the garbage that was collected in big garbage bags, then was transported using camels to be disposed later on.

7Some of the pipes we collected.

6One of our team carrying the garbage collecting bag.

As a conclusion, we hope to spread the importance of keeping our seas, oceans and shores clean to have them in the future and share them with the future generations.#

Our team included:

Mohamed Abd el Monaem – Ali El Daour – Ibrahim El Mekkawi – Veronia Emad Gerges  – Usama A. El Dakrory – Sherook Mohsen Eldafrawy – Mohamed Molo – Nermeen Refaat Ayad – Ayman Mahmoud Senosy – Haytham Hussein ELfouly – Haytham Sharaf  – Esraa Zangeer – Ahmed Hesham – Anas Osama Hammad – Mahmoud Ahmed Alaa – Saad Abd El moneam – Ali Ahmos – Sayed A. El Sayed – Ahmed Saleh Abdelrahman  – Ahmed Yahya Abdallah – Abd El Rahman El Mekkawi – Farah Akram – Hamed Mohamed.

Many Thanks and Congratulations to i-DiVE TRiBE for the great event:

we really like what you are doing, keep up the good work!