New Interactive Dive Against Debris Map

Scuba divers are shining a light on the growing problem of ocean trash and the places where waste is threatening our most beloved coasts. For the first time ever, see what and where marine debris is being found by Project AWARE divers on the NEW Dive Against Debris Interactive Map:


Explore the map to discover the types and amounts of debris scuba divers around the world have removed and reported from underwater environments since 2011. Our trash does not belong underwater however more than six million tons of it enters the ocean each year entangling and injuring marine life and damaging critical habitats. Together, we’re working toward solutions. As more volunteer divers get involved with Dive Against Debris, Project AWARE can add the underwater view to a problem that remains out of sight for most of the public and help identify target areas where waste prevention efforts are needed most. Take action below to protect the ocean planet and help fight against marine debris. Let us know what you think of the map by sending your feedback.

New Course Director in Egypt – Elena Dontsova


<<Everything had begun twelve years ago, after my first DSD when I came out of water and said I would be a dive instructor. And I’d done it. Year by year as more people became divers after my courses with them I understood that diving wasn’t only a pleasure or a job for me. No, it was and it is now my passion, the sense of my life, the air I breathe. My goal is to give people joy and happiness and diving helps me to do it in a perfect way. I grew up till a Course Director now, last three years I was working and did my best for it. This goal is done and I feel satisfied, but! There is another goal I have to reach in the future – to become the first Russian Examiner. Our way to success will never end, there is always something undone, something worth our efforts, just never stop and keep the mind open and everything will be possible>>.

Congratulations to Elena for successfully completing his CDTC


PADI on Tour – Saudi Arabia

Join the PADI Team for a great experience!

0213 Pro Workshops Email Header

This month, Field Service, Training Department and Instructor Development will be joining forces in Jeddah to offer three days of training and updates.

The following events will be taking place, and offer the chance to refresh skills and knowledge as well as enjoy the gathering of both PADI experts and Professionals:

◾PADI Instructor Examination (11th – 12th April)

◾IDC Staff Instructor Update (12th April – 4pm)

◾Evaluation Training Workshop (13th April – 9am)

◾Control Techniques Workshop (13th April – 11am)

◾Rescue Workshop (13th April – 12pm)

◾Member Forum (13th April – 6.30pm)

Make sure you don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity – to book your space, email Teo at: [email protected]

New Course Director in UAE – Paul Sant


<<I started diving in 1989 and crossed to the PADI system in 2000 as I knew I wanted to go Pro at this point. In 2001 I went to Pro Dive Florida to undertake my OWSI and MSDT, and then set up Divers Down UAE at the end of 2001 where I have been a full time owner/instructor ever since. My ambition as a CD is to encourage IDC candidates from outside of the Arab Emirates to use Divers Down as their stepping stone into the PADI Pro world. Due to our unique position of having a resort on both coasts Dubai and Fujairah we can offer MSDT programs and Instructor specialties virtually on a bespoke basis, something I intend to push over the coming months. My ambition is to aim for Platinum within the year and maintain that status!>>

Congratulations to Paul for successfully completing his CDTC !


New Course Director in UAE – Mahmoud Elaskary

CCR mahmoud elaskary

<<Even though I started this career as an equipment handler more than 15 years ago, in Hurghada – Red Sea, I am proud of all the experiences I have had and am proud of my achievements with regard to the quality of education that I have been able to provide to my students. I am also proud to be the General Manager of Bel Remaitha Diving Club – PADI 5 Stars IDC Dive Center in Dubai, however I do not see this as THE END: It’s just the beginning! My Future Projects …there are no limits to dreams and education as well:I plan to become PADI CCR Instructor Trainer, upgrade the dive center to CDC and achieve PADI Green Star Dive center. I will keep supporting AWARE Mission …. And one day I will have my own diving college in Egypt>>.

Congratulations to Mahmoud for successfully completing his CDTC