Request for Your “Best Teaching Tips Ever” Feature

The Undersea Journal  is currently accepting contributions for a “Best Teaching Tips from the Field” feature that will publish in the fourth quarter issue. This article will detail the best tips, tricks, strategies, pointers, words-to-the-wise and any other expert advice you can offer to fellow pros based on your experience as a passionate diver and professional.
Here’s a list of basic topics: Travel, Equipment, Skills, Training, Photography, Marine Life and Lifestyle. Any aspect of the dive life is open. Here are a few examples:

  • Travel: When planning a group trip to a new destination, partner with a PADI Dive Center or Resort in that destination to help co-host your event.
  • Equipment: Always know the latest scuba gear, so if your student divers have questions about their new BCDs, you can easily help them.
  • Lifestyle: To get divers interacting on your next dive boat adventure, bring along a bag of candy to pass around during surface intervals.

Please submit your tips by 1 July and, if your tips are used, your name, location and dive center (if applicable) will be included in the magazine.

The New PADI Discover Scuba® Diving Participant Guide benefits available through ScubaEarth™.




Access to PADI Open Water Diver Online Preview


Encourage participants to take the next step to certification by completing the first section of the PADI Open Water Diver Online right after the Discover Scuba Diving experience. The excitement of their first dive will still be fresh in their minds, so when they begin their Open Water Diver training, they’ll be eager to complete it. Plus, if they complete section one and decide to purchase the full eLearning course, they’ll be able to continue the course beginning with section two. Additionally, they’ll be prompted to choose your store as their eLearning store, strengthening your ties to them.


Discover Scuba Diving eCard


Your participants will also receive a Discover Scuba Diving eCard, which will immediately connect your participants to the dive community. Although the eCard is not a certification card, it gives those who download it a means to show their friends and family what they’ve accomplished and brag about their experience. It reminds them of the fun they had with you and of the opportunity to continue diving.


PADI Diving Society 90-day Trial Membership and ScubaEarth Premium Trial Access


The 90-day free trial membership to digital PADI Diving Society and subscription to ScubaEarth Premium provide another avenue for your participants to integrate themselves with the dive community and maintain a direct connection with you, your staff and your dive center’s activities. As digital PADI Diving Society members, they’ll receive electronic versions of Sport Diver magazine, be invited to dive community events and have the opportunity to meet other water lovers. When they log on to ScubaEarth they can join your Dive Crew, check out what gear you recommend, keep up with your store’s events, look at your photos and follow anything you post on ScubaEarth. They will also have access to a ScubaEarth Dive Dashboard and the PADI eCard benefits through their ScubaEarth Premium trial. These two social networks complement each other, and you can use them to encourage your Discover Scuba Diving participants to keep diving with you.


Get Involved With ScubaEarth™

Get Involved With ScubaEarth™

Use ScubaEarth to help increase entry-level diver certifications.

PADI Members are the hub of ScubaEarth, the new PADI online scuba resource and social community for divers and other water lovers. As a PADI Member, there are numerous opportunities to promote your ScubaEarth presence and use it to help grow your business.

Here are three ways to do so:

Target PADI Discover Scuba Diving Participants

PADI Discover Scuba Diving participants are an ideal group to introduce to ScubaEarth, since they are looking to learn what scuba diving is all about before taking the full certification course. Use the customizable materials available on the PADI Pros’ site, such as the flyer template, to outline directions on how to join your Dive Crew on ScubaEarth. Pass these flyers out before or after your Discover Scuba Diving classes, and let participants know how they’ll benefit from joining your crew, such as being the first to know about gear specials, upcoming dive trips or other store promotions.

Hold an Open Day

Open days are an excellent occasion to showcase your dive operation and market ScubaEarth. Consider a call-out on your invitation for attendees to join your Dive Crew on ScubaEarth, or download signage—such as ScubaEarth posters from the Pros’ Site—to hang or display during your event. Another way to encourage visitors to join your Dive Crew on ScubaEarth is to have a computer or laptop available for people to sign up at the open house. You can even offer an incentive for those who do, such as a free air fill or small incentive on a future gear purchase.

Local Schools and Colleges

This is the perfect market to reach out to help you grow your business through ScubaEarth. Students are highly active on social websites and ScubaEarth is a perfect for those interested in diving or those who are already divers. For example, let students know how they can join your Dive Crew to get more information about activities you offer, such as group specials or promotions.

Get creative! Regardless of how you choose to market ScubaEarth to new and potential divers, identify the opportunities and use the resources you have available to communicate your ScubaEarth presence every chance you get to keep your customers engaged and excited about diving.

Why do my customers need a personal set of PADI materials?

A personal set of current PADI materials to include, at a minimum, the course manual (book, multimedia or online version) is a requirement for all PADI and EFR courses supported by materials, unless the materials are unavailable in a language understood by the student.  There are no exceptions even for family and friends taking the course together. The value of a student’s own set of materials is for use during the course, but equally important for reference afterwards.  Divers will have gaps between their diving activities and having easy reference to their own materials ensures they have the resources to quickly brush up on key information pertinent to their dive.

60335UKDuring the course, when student divers have their own materials, it allows them to make personal notes in the materials, depending on the delivery mechanism they’ve chosen.  For many learners, this can assist effective learning and retention.  It allows them to effectively complete the quick quizzes and knowledge reviews– a key learning step in PADI’s educational system.  It ensures that the materials they are using on the course are current and up-to-date.

Once the course is completed, it provides a resource when questions arise from new diving situations.  It allows them to refresh and reinforce previously-learned information to aid in long-term retention, and enhances course value, quality and professionalism. Not least, this standard provides an additional risk management tool,that ensures divers have ready access to previously taught information.

PADI Members – ScubaEarth™ Spotlight: Setting Up and Editing Dive Sites

By now you’ve visited ScubaEarth™, established your profile and are exploring the site. If you haven’t, log in at the PADI Pros’ Site and click on the SE icon to enter ScubaEarth.


So, what’s next? First of all, you’ll want to set up dive sites or edit existing sites you know. When you establish a dive site, your name appears next to it with a link back to your profile. This helps you establish credibility and leadership within the community. Plus, every time you establish a dive site, your name will appear with a link back to your profile.

Setting up a dive site is simple. Enter the latitude and longitude for the location and that dive site will show up on the community map. Because the dive sites you set up link back to your profile, you can maximize your exposure by quickly setting up as many accurate dive sites as possible. But, you don’t want to duplicate dive sites. You can edit any inaccurate information, but please avoid creating another one in the same location.

ScubaEarth is poised to become a trusted, valuable online dive resource. So, set up your profile, log dives, share content and get ready to engage more divers with ScubaEarth.

Using PADI’s Youtube to help market your business

YouTube is ranked 2nd for all searches on the internet, and its not even a search engine in the traditional sense.  So we know that video is big.  In fact who has’t watched a video on YouTube be it the Evolution of dance, or what happens when you combine a popular drink with a brand of soft mints or even a keyboard playing cat (yes thats right 31,199,425 views!)

Did you know PADI has 2 Youtube channels?

PADI Pro TV  is a great resource for PADI members to check out How to videos or to find videos promoting PADI products in various languages, check it out.

We also have PADI consumer YouTube channel where you can find a selection of videos  either from our Video of the Week playlist, videos promoting PADI Courses,  the Pro Lifestyle or amazing scuba snack videos.

We’ve just published our brand new Go Dive video, to help inspire people to go Dive the PADI way.  Check it out:

All PADI’s videos can be used by you to promote your business.   Do you have a YouTube Channel? If so you can create playlist of our videos, this means you get new content for your channel without having to spend hours filming and editing extra material.  Save time but get new content.

No YouTube channel?  Then why not embeb our videos in your Website or send a link via your eNewsletter.   Use out new Go Dive video to engage new and existing customers to dive with you!

Remember to check back often to see what new videos we have that you can use to promote your Business.

ScubaEarth Update – New Features & Improvements

ScubaEarth Update – New Features & Improvements

As you know, every day around the world, divers are exploring the underwater world by logging dives, taking photos, encountering amazing marine life and exploring fascinating sites. ScubaEarth is the online destination where all these things come together so divers can easily research and share their passion for diving. Importantly, PADI Members benefit from being at the center of this new and exciting online community.

The ScubaEarth team have been working tirelessly to improve the ScubaEarth experience for PADI Members and consumers since the BETA launch. Your feedback has helped us make important upgrades and refinements on the last few months. These include an overall faster site, improvements to logging a dive, general website fixes, and the ability to log in through Facebook, Twitter, Google or LinkedIn.

There are also some exciting new features launching in the next few weeks as part of the PADI Discover Scuba Diving updates which will help you promote this. These Discover Scuba Diving participants will enjoy having access to a trial of the new ScubaEarth Dive Dashboard and PADI eCards benefits. The Dive Dashboard is a dynamic real-time feature that lets divers track dive sites, marine species, buddies and destinations on interactive slates. They can easily add and customize slates to their preferences and keep track of what’s most important to them. They also have the great benefit of free access to all their PADI eCards, such as if they completed their PADI Open Water Diver course after their Discover Scuba Diving experience.

What’s New Snapshot:

  • Faster Website Speeds.
  • Logging A Dive Improvements.
  • Multiple Website Fixes.
  • Social Media Log In.
  • Advanced Search.
  • Profile Edit Refinements.
  • FAQ & Help Sections.
  • Photo Improvements.
  • Dive Site Refinements.
  • PADI Updates.

You can register for ScubaEarth via the PADI Pros’ Site or if you haven’t logged in for a while, please take the time to log in via to view all the latest updates and see what’s new on ScubaEarth this month!

5P New Diver Acquisition Activity Fund

act fund copy

The PADI marketing team is offering PADI Dive Centers and Resorts monetary funding to assist with a variety of new diver acquisition activities. There is a limited budget, so apply now to ensure you don’t miss out on the opportunity to help attract new divers into your store.

Supported activities can range from TV/radio advertising, store/vehicle wraps, Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, events and many more.

To find out full details, including requirements and how to apply, simply download the 5P New Diver Acquisition Activity Fund Infosheet, or contact your PADI Regional Manager.