TEC XPLORER DAYS @ DAHAB DIVERS – Powered by Blue Immersion

2012-11-26 10.53.16 (600x800)A fantastic Sidemount week has just finished in DAHAB!

Dahab Divers powered by Team Blue Immersion hosted the Tec Xplorer Days in cooperation with PADI (represented by EMEA regional Manager Teo Brambilla) and Hollis Gear.

2012-11-26 09.46.42 (800x600)

During the week participants had the chance to learn all the basics, from equipment configuration to gas management, moving towards in-water workshops supported by video shooting and customized debriefings !

Trevor Sanford – PADI eMarketing Executive – who enrolled in the PADI SM course says:

“Tec explorer week is an ideal event for anyone looking to cross into Tec from recreational. Team blue immersion provided an series of hands-on workshops and discussions on sidemount (including sidemount in cold water by Chris Haslam with direct experiences from Sweden) that covered all aspects and was very accessable to a recreational diver.”2012-11-26 10.47.24 (800x600)

“Dahab technical Divers & Blue Immersion are on the forefront of sidemount education, teaching both the new PADI Recreational and Technical Sidemount courses:

Now it’s your turn to switch from back to sidemount… what are you waiting for !?”